Rangunia Park

Imagine,  You lost yourself in the hilly nature and Birds became your companion.

Any nature lover must love such losing as such experience is becoming rare in this world of Tools.

But Rangunia Park is a place where you can get this experience.

Rangunia Park which is formally known as Sheikh Rasel aviary and Eco park is located in Nischintapur mouza of Rangunia upazilla in Chittagong.It is just 35 kilometre away from Chittagong main City.

It’s area is about 30 acres.


A nature lover must love Rangunia Park because it is featured with Bird aviary, Rope-way Cable car facility, Hill forests, Artificial lake, Children park etc.

Various kinds of Birds like Peacock, Cockatoos,lesser whistling duck, Macaw, Cockatiel,Duck are available here to amaze the tourists.

Entry fee of the park is Tk 23 per person.

If you want a ride in the Cable Car, you need to bear little more cost.

Cost of Cable car ride is 230 for Full Adult

and 115 for the kids (Maximum age 12 years)


How to go

From Kaptai Rastar Matha, Buses and CNG are available to go to Rangunia Park.

Cost is Tk50-90 on an average.

From Bahaddarhat Bus Terminal you will get direct bus to Lichu Bagan also. From Lichu bagan it just needs 15 min to reach the park.

You just need to inform the supervisor about your destination.


What to eat

Outside of the park, Small shops are available to offer you snacks.

Quality full Restaurants are available in Lichu Bagan area which is very near from Park area. One needs maximum 15 minutes to reach Lichu Bagan area.

Average cost of lunch is Around 150 here.

Famous Zum Restora is also near from The park and it’s a great place to have lunch.

Average cost of lunch here is around 200.


Where to stay

One can finish the park in a day easily.

So, it’s not necessary to stay in the night.

But If anyone wants, Zum Restora is the best option to pass the night.

One can do Night Camping in Kaptai kayak Club but have to bring own tent.


Things to remember

The Rangunia Park is fully closed at Tuesday.

It opens at 09:00am and closes at 05:00pm.

One can visit here between 09:00 to 17:00.

You are not allowed to disturb the beautiful birds by throwing outside things.

Keep the nature clean as much as possible.

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