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Mohamaya lake

Lakes in the middle of hills are attractive always as a person can enjoy both Water and Green at a time. Mohamaya lake, located at Thakurdighi area of Mirsharai Upazilla in Chittagong, Bangladesh is...

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Risang Waterfall

Risang Waterfall, three kilometers west of Alutila tourism center (one kilometer from Khagrachari-Chittagong road). If you walk to north from the main road, you will hear the Waterfall shout. Here are two Waterfalls alongside....

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Khoiyachora Waterfalls

Waterfalls are beautiful things. They are known as the blessings of nature and quite rare too. There are some wonderful waterfalls in Bangladesh. Madhabkund waterfalls, Jadipai waterfalls, waterfalls of Nafa-khum and Amiakhum, these are...